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What Clients Say

Over the years, we've served thousands of clients and helped train or rehabilitate their many pets. From time to time, we receive feedback from those clients and also from our peers in the industry whose paths have crossed with the dogs we've helped train.

Sharon has two Italian Spinone dogs, Rizzo and Allie that she has trained at The Fine Canine School of Dog Training.

Rizzo and Allie

Janine has been at The Fine Canine School of Dog Training for the past seven years with her labradoodle, Puzo.


Susan has trained her two huskies, Karma and Ginger, at The Fine Canine.

Karma and Ginger

Written Testimonials

"For the past few years, I have been evaluating the students of Monica Bedrosian, Director of the Fine Canine. These people come to me to be tested as therapy teams for the Delta Society. Consistently, they all do very well at the evaluation, all of them making the highest score that makes them eligible to visit in complex environments. From the way they handle their dogs to the manner in which they present themselves, you can tell that they are the product of an excellent teacher. Monica educates her students to train their animals with lots of positive reinforcement. When they come to be tested, it is a joy to watch them. The handler and dog are in touch with each other and work in sync as a real team. Only a terrific teacher as Monica could continue to produce such a high level of animal training and to get the human handler to respond as well."

— Shirley Lieb, Delta Society National Pet Partner Committee

"Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for the excellent work you achieved with Gunner. He is such a changed dog. It is a pleasure to walk him and we can now have people walk through the front door without being afraid of being knocked over. The commands you taught him through words, we are now using mostly hand signals. I cannot thank you enough."

— Geri A, Hoffman Estates, IL

"You did a great job in training our dog Zeus a silky terrier. Zeus, who was very aggressive when people he didn't know came over, now is fine with people. The training methods which you taught us are very effective and not mean or harmful to the dog. Many of our friends and family have asked who trained our dog and I have recommended you with confidence. Thanks again for the great job with our dog!"

— Mark K, Oak Brook, IL

"We were beyond pleased with the work that Monica did with our lab puppy. We assumed so many behaviors he was exhibiting were normal and he would grow out of them such as: chewing on furniture and picking up kids toys/shoes, pulling on leash, teething on our hands, jumping up on anyone approaching him, etc. We have since learned that these are behaviors that only get worse with time. He would have eventually become unmanageable to us and our children without the proper training. When he returned from [boarding school] training with Monica he was able to walk beautifully on leash. The biting and chewing stopped completely, and he was able to sit and wait when people approached him. His sweet, loving personality did not change at all which was one of our fears. We are very grateful for the training he received."

— Julie G, La Grange, IL

"I called Elmhurst Animal Care Center for the name of a dog trainer for my 2 year old boxer named Primo Luigi and they said contact Monica Bedrosian. I called Monica and explained to her my concerns with Primo jumping on all my guests that come over to our home and his aggressive behavior walking him on a leash. Monica stated, I can help you in one session at your house. I thought yea right. Well Monica was absolutely right. She was amazing!!! She started out in the house getting him in control and then she said lets go outside for a walk. I took her past a house where they have two dogs and Primo always goes crazy and he sat and laid down on command as she taught me. I hugged her on site and said "Thank You" for changing my dogs behavior in this short time. Incredible!! Absolutely Incredible!!! Monica truly cares about helping you manage your dog. She said to call her any time with questions or concerns. If you have a dog that needs some guidance, Please call Monica Bedrosian. SHE IS TERRIFIC!!"

— DeAnne S, Norridge, IL

"Before The Fine Canine's Boarding School, my 2-year-old corgi mix Scotch was incredibly territorial and head strong. He was housebroken and knew basic commands such as "sit" and "no", but only listened when he wanted to. He rarely laid down, was always watching out the window and barked and was aggressive towards anyone who came to my house. Since arriving home only 2 days ago, I have the dog I always wanted and the changes are permanent. He lays down more and is generally more relaxed than he was before. We work every day on the commands that Monica taught him so he retains what he learned. He now knows he must listen to me the first time I ask him to do something and life in general is easier for both of us because we now have an understanding of what each other expects. We are still working on when people come over but instead of the former 10-15 minute struggle, he usually tries to be aggressive for 1-2 minutes and after that realizes he's not allowed to be and is friendly towards everyone. I am sure that within a week he will no longer even try. With the training and tools Monica teaches along with consistently following up at home, my expectations were met and exceeded. My once headstrong aggressive dog is now the loving, submissive dog I've always wanted, and more importantly, everyone else can enjoy him also. Thank you, Monica!"

— Kelly, Lisle, IL

"My husband and I adopted our dog, Piper, from a shelter in May of 2001. She was an active dog, and had been through a lot. We knew she needed training and enrolled her in the Fine Canine Obedience program. In the first 6 weeks of training, I saw a transformation. The calmness that came over her was amazing. Piper could do what we asked. She was less stressed, because she could now understand us. We were less stressed because we could understand her. Training became fun for her, and her eyes would light up when she got to class. I was (and still am) impressed with how well Monica understood our dog's behavior. She knew a solution for any situation Piper threw at us (she threw us quite a few interesting ones) and her ideas have always worked. We continued through the advanced obedience classes and Piper passed the AKC's Canine Good Citizen test. We just adopted Duchess, another rescue and have enrolled her into The Fine Canine program. We are having a baby in September and we need the peace of mind that our dog is trained. To anyone I would recommend The Fine Canine's program. Their training is the best thing you can do for your dog."

— Val and Greg B, Aurora, IL

"When Emma was about 12 weeks old we started our training with Monica and The Fine Canine. There are many things we like about their training methods. It is based on positive reinforcement and due to the size of the classes, you are able to get individualized attention to get the help you need to work on your particular issues. It is a very friendly and personal atmosphere. We continued on with Monica for about the next 8 months and after that, Emma took the Good Canine Citizen test and passed. I feel the training we had was a wonderful foundation and we were so happy with it that we are now taking Maggie to their classes. We intend to take Maggie through the same training program and finish her with the Good Canine test. I always recommend The Fine Canine to the people I know. If you take your dog there and put forth the effort to complete the work they assign to you, I am confident you won't be disappointed."

— Perry and Margaret C, Geneva, IL

"As the founder and photographer for Pet Photos portrait studio in Lombard, IL, I have the great pleasure of meeting and photographing many wonderful families and their gorgeous pets. Some of the most memorable photo sessions are of dogs who take obedience, skills and advanced training classes at The Fine Canine training center in Elmhurst. The dogs that train with Monica at The Fine Canine display a noticeable calm confidence, a willingness to please, and a strong bond with their owner - that has no doubt taken lots of hard work and commitment to achieve. I have also selected several of the dogs trained by Monica to model for commercial projects. Thanks Monica - keep up the great work!"

— Lisa Kruss, Pet Photos Lombard, IL

"Simba, our Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy was a great new addition to our family, however, raising her alongside our 18-month old daughter became a challenge. Simba was a very energetic puppy who liked to nip and jump on everyone she encountered. She would also jump up on our toddler's high chair during her mealtime. We knew we had to set boundaries for Simba immediately because she was growing at such a fast pace. We called Monica for a private training session and were very pleased with the results. After the first session, Simba quickly learned what was not acceptable and responded to basic obedience training commands. Simba now knows she has rules to follow in our house. Monica also gave us several helpful tips on raising a puppy including potty training. Thank you, Monica, for giving us the tools to help Simba become assimilated into our family!"

— Cady Family, Hinsdale, IL

"I waited for a long time for Monica to start teaching agility classes (over a year). There aren't many quality instructors/facilities in my area and I knew that Monica competed in agility and I knew her style of teaching would be good for my Dalmatian since she owned two of her own, she knew the breed well. That was important to me. After taking two sessions with her and now about to begin my third, I am very glad I waited. Monica's classes are calm, quiet and taught in a positive manner (which is very important with Dals, especially my rescue girl)! She teaches the basics, building on that instead of jumping ahead, which may result in the dogs being fearful of a certain apparatus and always having trouble in that area. She starts small and works up from there. I highly recommend her classes to people, in fact, I have to four of my friends who are also in my class!"

— Dana H, Vernon Hills, IL

"I just want to say that I feel very privileged to work with a knowledgeable trainer such as Monica. Her gentle approach to agility training is building confidence in both my dog and myself. She is always willing to answer any questions I have either about agility or canine behavior and training. I enjoy her class tremendously and so does my dog."

— Carole B, Deerfield, IL

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